Thank you all so very much for your interest, I am now FULLY BOOKED until I go on maternity leave in May! I’ll be letting everyone know down the track when I’m ready to start taking appointments again, so if you’d like to keep in the loop please sign up to my mailing list below and I’ll send you an email about future availabilities! I’m so grateful and I love working with you all immensely, can’t wait to take on fresh new exciting projects in 2021!! Love Sammi x

Terms, Conditions and FAQ’s.


BOOKS ARE CLOSED! Maternity leave from May 2020.
To keep in the loop about when I’ll be taking appointments again, please sign up to my mailing list at the bottom of the page.


How do I contact you to make an enquiry?

You can use the contact form on my website HERE or email directly through to  I will try to answer all messages through social media, though I will always request that you then you send through email as it’s easiest for me to keep track of.

What do I need to send through?

  • Tattoo Idea
  • Placement on the body
  • Rough size
  • Preferred days/dates
  • Any reference pictures you may have collected
  • Your contact number

It’s been 2 days since I sent an email and I haven’t had a response! What should I do?
I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can, though it may take me up to a week to respond around tattooing full time. Thank you in advance for your patience! If you’re enquiring about an appointment within the week or it is in regards to an existing appointment that week, resend your email marked as URGENT!

Where are you located?
I am working with the amazing Amy Duncan from her beautiful studio ‘Artemisia Custom Tattooing‘, located in Tecoma in the Dandenong Ranges. CLICK HERE for directions.

What days do you work?
I work by appointment only, Wed-Sat.

How much do you charge?
My rate is $170 per hour for larger/on-going pieces, but smaller pieces can be quoted once the design is complete and the size is determined. Minimum cost is $100.

Do I need a deposit?

Do I have to give you notice if I reschedule?
Yes please, I ask that you give as much notice as possible, at the very least 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel.

Can I get a tattoo if I’m under 18?

Do I need a consultation?
Generally I like to have a consult prior to the tattoo so we can nut out exactly what you want, but for smaller more specific pieces it isn’t necessary.

Does a consultation cost anything?

Do you take card?
No unfortunately. Tattoo appointment sessions can be paid for in cash or direct bank transfer on the day.

Do you do cover-ups?
Yes, whether or not it is doable depends on the existing tattoo. Consultation is a must to go through the options available to you.

Will you tattoo a design I bring in?
Reference pictures are great, but I don’t copy other artists work. I will redraw and collaborate with you to create a one off design just for you!

Will I see my design prior to the appointment date?
Tattoo designs can be viewed at a second consultation or on the day of the appointment. I do not send designs via email.

I’m not sure exactly what I want but I love your work, do you have any designs to choose from?
Yes! I have plenty of designs ready to go that I’d love to tattoo, you can see available designs HERE ! Each design will only be tattooed once.

How do I prepare for a tattoo?
Eat a healthy meal before coming in, bring a drink/non messy snacks if you like (nuts are always good and we generally have a little stash of lollies for you!) try and have a good rest the night before. Please feel free to bring along whatever you feel will make you comfortable, for longer sessions some people bring a blanket/pillow, earphones for their own music/entertainment or a book! Also, keep in mind your attire. Depending on where you are getting tattooed, try to wear something loose and easy to access the area, and avoid wearing your best clothes or white!!

How do I look after my fresh tattoo?
Please refer to my aftercare instructions HERE.

If there are any other questions you’d like answered, don’t hesitate to ask!



  • After 2-3 hours remove the dressing, wash your tattoo gently with warm water and liquid antibacterial soap. (Showers are fine, no baths as you don’t want to have your tattoo submerged in water) Wash with your hands only, no cloths. Let air dry, or gently pat dry with clean towel/paper towel.
  • OPTIONAL – you may need to keep your tattoo covered for the first three days or so, changing dressing 3 times a day or as required, washing thoroughly between removal of old and reapplication of fresh dressing. Make sure tattoo is dry before reapplication of dressing. This process depends on placement/environment.
  • After 2-3 days it will start to feel tight. Apply a small amount of any of the below creams to the tattoo twice to three times a day which keeps it flexible and comfortable and will help to avoid cracking. My recommendations are:
  • Inky A locally made balm that smells delicious and heals like a dream! (which you can buy through me)
  • Fragrance free vitamin E moisturizer (which is light so it needs applying a little more often, but Vitamin E is good for healing)
  • Dr Pickles (which is available at Woolworths, a bit thicker so apply less often)

DO NOT SCRATCH it, pick at it or rub the scabs off. There is a high possibility that if you do, you will pull colour out of your tattoo! To help ease the discomfort, apply a small amount of cream, or give it a gentle slap J

KEEP IT OUT OF THE SUN for the healing period, then only once healed, use sunscreen to avoid fading. Don’t use sunscreen on healing tattoos!

DON’T GO SWIMMING – whether it is chlorine or salt water, spa pool, fresh water or beach, it’s a no go zone for at least 2 weeks or until fully healed.

DO NOT SHAVE, wax, exfoliate, use tanning lotion, hair removal creams etc over the tattooed area whilst healing.

– Please consider also that if you are exercising whilst your tattoo is healing, minimal movement in the area is required to avoid cracking the tattoo.

And please, make sure to keep your tattoo clean!

If you do have any queries, problems or you find you’ve had a reaction to the cream/soap/materials used for dressing the tattoo, cease use immediately, let me know and I’ll do whatever I can to help!


Cover-up Info!

All cover-up challenges are different, some look difficult at first but are simple in execution, others look simple to fix at first but end up being a lot more difficult than originally thought. It definitely requires a different way of thinking and a different approach, but I love the challenge and welcome anyone who wants to transform their old or unwanted work into fresh new tattoos!

I’ll never say no to trying to help you with a cover up and will do my absolute best to come up with a solution for you. I will not go ahead if I’m not absolutely confident I’ll be able to do a good job, and it’s at that stage and only when absolutely necessary that I will recommend laser treatment in order to move forward effectively.

Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about what to do with your old tattoo:

  • You don’t necessarily have to limit your idea’s, you still have the potential to have something awesome over the top of your existing tattoo, leave the technical part to me! I always say to approach thinking about your cover-up with a clear mind as if it were fresh rather than trying to conceptualise what will work, that’s my job. Lots of the time there is more potential than you’d think, so don’t let the fact that you have something undesirable stop you from being creative with your ideas! Sometimes the crazier, the better! Ponder what it is that you would truly love to have tattooed on you.
  • Be flexible with your idea’s and stipulations – for example, size, colour and elements you want incorporated. Flexibility is key! Most of the time you’ll need to go reasonably bigger than your existing tattoo to cover efficiently, and certain elements are better to cover existing work than others. It is all completely dependent on your existing tattoo, but stay open minded and more often than not we’ll be able to work something out!
  • The most important element to a cover-up is disguise! Unfortunately, just slapping something new over the top doesn’t often work, we want to disguise and transform what is already there and turn it into something different!
  • Cover-ups always require a lot more preparation than a fresh tattoo, and always require at least one consultation. I put a lot of time and effort in to make sure it all absolutely works before we embark on the process of tattooing. Again, it is totally dependant on what you have already, but sometimes it can be a lengthy process.

Whether it’s a solid black background with subtle botanicals you want, or your pet eating ramen in hyper-colour, you may be pleasantly surprised at the potential, come in for a brainstorm!


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