• After 2-3 hours remove the dressing, wash your tattoo gently with warm water and liquid antibacterial soap. (Showers are fine, no baths as you don’t want to have your tattoo submerged in water) Wash with your hands only, no cloths. Let air dry, or gently pat dry with clean towel/paper towel.
  • OPTIONAL – you may need to keep your tattoo covered for the first three days or so, changing dressing 3 times a day or as required, washing thoroughly between removal of old and reapplication of fresh dressing. Make sure tattoo is dry before reapplication of dressing. This process depends on placement/environment.
  • After 2-3 days it will start to feel tight. Apply a small amount of any of the below creams to the tattoo twice to three times a day which keeps it flexible and comfortable and will help to avoid cracking. My recommendations are:
  • Fragrance free vitamin E moisturizer (which is light so it needs applying a little more often, but Vitamin E is good for healing)
  • Dr Pickles (which is available at Woolworths, a bit thicker so apply less often)
  • Hustle Butter (which you can buy through me)

DO NOT SCRATCH it, pick at it or rub the scabs off. There is a high possibility that if you do, you will pull colour out of your tattoo! To help ease the discomfort, apply a small amount of cream, or give it a gentle slap J

KEEP IT OUT OF THE SUN for the healing period, then only once healed, use sunscreen to avoid fading. Don’t use sunscreen on healing tattoos!

DON’T GO SWIMMING – whether it is chlorine or salt water, spa pool, fresh water or beach, it’s a no go zone for at least 2 weeks or until fully healed.

DO NOT SHAVE, wax, exfoliate, use tanning lotion, hair removal creams etc over the tattooed area whilst healing.

– Please consider also that if you are exercising whilst your tattoo is healing, minimal movement in the area is required to avoid cracking the tattoo.

And please, make sure to keep your tattoo clean!

If you do have any queries, problems or you find you’ve had a reaction to the cream/soap/materials used for dressing the tattoo, cease use immediately, let me know and I’ll do whatever I can to help!


Solo Exhibition 23rd Feb @CarwynCellars!

You are invited to join me at the GRAND OPENING of my solo art exhibition!!

Head down to the scrumptious Carwyn Cellars where our celebrations will kick off from 6pm, Thursday 23rd of February!

Drink from a great selection of delicious beers or smooth whiskeys, and admire the mysteriously alluring watercolour babes on show! All artworks will be for sale – so if you happen to fall in love, you can take your lady home!

Click HERE for the Facebook event page.

2017 news!

It’s my first week back working at Dangerzone Tattoo for 2017! Yay! I have a bunch of amazing things lined up in the next few months, including a solo exhibition of my ink and oil paintings in March/April at the awesome Carwyn Cellars in Thornbury. They have a great selection of boutique beers and amazing whiskeys! check them out if you’re around. Along with that comes tattoo conventions, a small amount of travel and a short film documentary! I’ve been lucky enough to inherit some great tools as well, which means I’ll be a one woman factory hand making/printing a bunch of cool merch which will be available to purchase through my shop! Very much looking forward to this year and am currently booking tattoos for Feb, please email ! Sammisideup